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KROQ"s almost Acoustic Christmas is upon us, and now the set times have been announced! ensuing on Saturday, December 9, and also Sunday, December 10, at the Forum, this year"s occasion will function performances by Muse, Morrissey, Thirty seconds to Mars, The Killers, majesties of the stone Age, Weezer, Phoenix, Cold war Kids, and also many more.

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Tickets because that this show were at first SOLD out via Ticketmaster, but there are some last-minute ticket releases. Proceeds native this weekend"s concerts will advantage Para Los Niños and also Al Wooten Jr. Heritage Center. Click below to buy your tickets to attend almost Acoustic Christmas this weekend!

BUY TICKETS: December 9th: KROQ Acoustic Christmas 2017 Night One at the Forum

BUY TICKETS: December 10th: KROQ Acoustic Christmas 2017 Night two at the Forum

KROQ nearly Acoustic Christmas - Night 1 collection Times


KROQ practically Acoustic Christmas - Night 2 collection Times


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