Alexa Bliss, pictured in 2017, is not competing on Sunday at WrestleMania 35 but is rather taking the function of organize of the event. Pawan sink / The nationwide


Five-time WWE women\"s champion Alexa Bliss is switching roles for this year\"s WrestleMania.

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The 27 year old will be not contending in any matches ~ above Sunday\"s card at MetLife stadion in new Jersey.

Instead she will certainly be the official hold of WrestleMania 35, with her role set to incorporate a variety of segments the end in prior of the huge crowd, i m sorry is meant to be around 80,000.

Bliss talked to The National and various other media outlets ~ above Friday around her expectations because that the role, her go back to in-ring action and thoughts on the an initial women\"s WrestleMania main event happening this year between Ronda Rousey, Becky Lynch and also Charlotte Flair.

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On gift the hold of WrestleMania

\"I was very excited. An extremely nervous because I\"ve never held anything this grand. I\"ve held Moment that Bliss, which every time, ends up in a shambles and people space fighting.

\"I\"m hoping that WrestleMania go smoother than that. I\"m excited. We\"ve had amazing world host WrestleMania. The brand-new Day. The Rock. I\"ve large shoes come fill however I\"m hoping I can fill them.\"

On what is an ext likely to make her worried - hosting WrestleMania or being in a match?

\"I\"d need to say hosting, due to the fact that when you\"re in the ring and you\"re having actually a match at WrestleMania, the crowd is huge. But when you obtain in the ring, it\"s the same size.

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\"That\"s your comfort zone. It doesn\"t issue how large the stadium is, the ring is constantly the exact same size. So as soon as you obtain in the ring, and I\"ve had two WrestleMania matches before, so when you get in the ring, it\"s prefer a comfort zone.

\"I\"ve never ever hosted and also had to speak in former of 80 come 100,000 people. For this reason that\"s gonna be more than likely my biggest difficulty is being able to compose myself while speaking to that countless people, due to the fact that in a match, you can say anything and they don\"t listen you.\"