Alex Turner with the years. Picture: Getty photos
Arctic monkeys live in France, 2006. Picture: ALAIN JOCARD/AFP/Getty pictures

Amazing carolannpeacock.comme think that Alex Turner started off in 2005 through a regular lad-down-the-pub look. Points would change…

2006: The brief “Caleb Followill In A Vest” Period

Alex Turner live in France, 2006. Picture: BRUNO FERRANDEZ/AFP/Getty images

This was a very short-lived style, somewhere between King the Leon and also building website labourer… The hair started to gain shaggier, however.

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2006: The “Ear-Long reading Festival” Days

Arctic primates live at analysis Festival, august 2006. Picture: Jo Hale/Getty images

The hair got to peak length when the monkeys took to the main stage at analysis in 2006, just prior to Muse headlined. Impressive.

2007: The "Modest Glasto Trim"

Arctic chimpanzees live in ~ Glastonbury, 2007. Picture: CARL DE SOUZA/AFP/Getty images

The carolannpeacock.commplying with summer, the locks had been tamed somewhat for the yearly Glastonbury downpour - and also it was a little parky out, hence the jacket in the center of June.

2007: The "John Lennon Moptop"

Arctic monkeys live in Australia, 2007. Picture: Jonathan Wood/Getty photos

Full-on Revolver-era hairdo for the band's tourism to support Favourite Worst Nightmare.

2008: The “Age Of fancy Dress”

Arctic primates at the BRIT Awards, 2008. Picture: Gareth Cattermole/Getty images

A unique one-off as soon as Arctic monkeys arrived at the annual BRIT Awards pull on as carolannpeacock.comuntry squires. What to be the point? who cares! It's a night out!

2009: The "Humbug" Mop

Arctic chimpanzees live in new Jersey, 2009. Picture: Bryan Bedder/Getty images

As the sound the Arctic chimpanzees changed, so did the hairstyle. Humbug was taped with James Ford and Queens that The stone Age guy Josh Homme the end in California and also Turner’s hair started to relax and also wig the end a bit.

2010: The “Suave Poet”

Alex Turner in ~ the Submarine premiere, October 2010. Picture: Samir Hussein/Getty pictures

Alex Turner created the music for the film Submarine - and also his look in ~ the premiere fine a "serious" artist. An extremely sensible.

2011: The "John Travolta In Grease" Look

Arctic monkeys live at Lowlands Festival, 2011. Picture: Marten van Dijl/AFP/Getty photos

Woah! us did not expect that. Because that 2011's sucking It and also See album, Turner impacted a full-on 1950s "greaser" look., finish with Fonz-like leather jacket.

2011: The “Post-Grunge absent Star" Era

Arctic primates live in Carlisle, 2011. Picture: Yui Mok/PA Archive/PA photos

As the sucking It and also See tourism wore on, the quiff was tamed somewhat - too lot hassle to do every night, Alex?

2013: The "Slicked-Back Romancer Meets Dracula"

Arctic primates live in LA, 2013. Picture: Kevin Winter/Getty photos for Radio.carolannpeacock.comm

For 2013's am tour, Turner brought earlier the pomade for another slicked-back look...

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2018: The "BEARD"

Arctic Monkeys, 2018. Picture: Zackerey Michael/Domino documents

When Arctic monkeys came back with their very first new album in 5 years, rumours swirled that Turner had grown face hair. And it was true - yet it didn't critical long.

2018: The "Astral Lounge Lizard" Vibe

Arctic monkeys at NOS Alive, July 2018. Picture: JOSE MANUEL RIBEIRO/AFP/Getty images

Tranquility base Hotel & Casino was a high-carolannpeacock.comncept album, for this reason a high-carolannpeacock.comncept layout was needed. The beard to be gone, the slicked-back look was earlier and bigger 보다 ever and also shades and also safari suits were in fashion....