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: a quick, sharp, and effective response to criticism

Not to be confused with a garden-variety diss, a clapback isdeemed by most as a targeted, often viciously acute comeback intended to placesomeone in much-needed check.— Aaron Edwards and Ira Madison III"

****INFORMATION ABOUT THE TEMPTATIONS"The Temptations are an American vocal group from Detroit,Michigan, who released a series of successful singles and albums with MotownRecords during the 1960s and 1970s. The group"s work with producer NormanWhitfield, beginning with the Top 10 hit single "Cloud Nine" inOctober 1968, pioneered psychedelic soul, and was significant in the evolutionof R&B and soul music.<1> The band members are known for theirchoreography, distinct harmonies, and dress style. Having sold tens of millionsof albums, the Temptations are among the most successful groups in popularmusic.<2><3><4>

Featuring five male vocalists and dancers (save for briefperiods with fewer or more members), the group formed in 1960 in Detroit underthe name the Elgins. The founding members came from two rival Detroit vocalgroups: Otis Williams, Elbridge "Al" Bryant, and Melvin Franklin ofOtis Williams & the Distants, and Eddie Kendricks and Paul Williams of thePrimes. In 1964, Bryant was replaced by David Ruffin, who was the lead vocaliston a number of the group"s biggest hits, including "My Girl" (1964),"Ain"t Too Proud to Beg" (1966), and "I Wish It Would Rain"(1967).<5> Ruffin was replaced in 1968 by Dennis Edwards, with whom the groupcontinued to record hit records such as "Cloud Nine" (1969) and"Ball of Confusion (That"s What the World Is Today)" (1970). Thegroup"s lineup has changed frequently since the departures of Kendricks and PaulWilliams from the act in 1971.<...>The "Classic 5" lineup of the Temptations: DavidRuffin (bottom left), Melvin Franklin (top left), Paul Williams (top right),Otis Williams (bottom right), and Eddie Kendricks (center) c. 1965.

<...>Years active- 1960 to present"...

****INFOMATION ABOUT THE TEMPTATION MINI-SERIESFrom"The Temptations is a four-hour television miniseriesbroadcast in two-hour halves on NBC, based upon the history of one of Motown"slongest-lived acts, The Temptations. Executive produced by former Motownexecutive Suzanne de Passe, produced by Otis Williams and Temptations managerShelley Berger, and based upon Williams’ Temptations autobiography, theminiseries was originally broadcast on November 1 and November 2, 1998. It wasfilmed on location in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in the spring of 1998. AllanArkush directed the miniseries."...****TRANSCRIPT OF THE SCENE FROM THAT TELEVISION MINI-SERIES THAT INCLUDES THIS SAYINGFrom Temptations (TV Mini-Series 1998)"David Ruffin: I"m the one sellin" the records. They"re comin" to see me.

Otis Williams: They"re comin" to see the Temptations.

David Ruffin: Ain"t nobody comin" to see you, Otis! You wish you could work it the way I do, but you can"t! Because there is only one David Ruffin. And without him, the Temps ain"t nothin" but a group in SEARCH of a David Ruffin. Matter of fact, I been thinkin". We should call the group David Ruffin And The Temptations. Yeah, that sound good to me. Y"all beggin" me not to leave you.

David Ruffin: "And I refuse to let you go." Yeah, David Ruffin And The Temptations. Whatcha think?

Otis Williams: That ain"t never gonna happen."-snip-This was a fictionalized scene that supposedly occurred during a rehearsal. David Ruffin was on drugs (crack) and the other members of the group were warning him that he would be fired if he didn"t stop using drugs. In reality, David Ruffin was fired in 1968 because his drug use interferred with the Temptation"s recording and tours.

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The Temptations (Ain"t Nobody coming to see you Otis), published by Christina Marie on Feb.20, 20181.
BetterThanEmril, 2019"Thank you David Ruffin for giving me clapbacks to peoplethat get on my damn nerves I say this a lot in real life situations