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Well, I couldn"t stand up to the urge to tell you the finish of my storyFor all those that wanted to recognize was tbelow life after the painAfter the painYou come and also love meAnd I welcome youYou"re a glad sight to seeAnd after the rainAnd all that I have actually been throughI still can not explainHow I can still love you choose I doBut I perform, yes, I doStill love you choose I execute Though you still do me choose you do After the painWe sit and also we talk awhileAnd I fight through all my mightTo host ago the tears from falling with a pleasant smileAnd after the rainI can not think you acquired the nerve to still call me, babyAnd I attempt to tell you, "No, it ain"t so"But I guess "No" just ain"t in me"Cause boy, I still love you favor I execute Though you still execute me prefer you execute Yeah, I recognize you"re laughin"Those of you who heard "Pain"Yeah, you"re best, I sure didI shelp I"d never take him back againWell, it"s a woman"s prerogative to readjust her mind isn"t it?But we perform it all the timeDon"t laugh, you more than likely done the very same point tooIt"s simply that you know me and also I do not recognize youYou understand one point, time has taught me thatHavin" a item of male is much better than havin" no guy at allSo I"mma just take what I gained and work through itYou understand what I meanAnd don"t you remember thinkin" ago just a few yearsWhen civilization used to try to aid you stay togetherThey find out you"re on the verge of breakin" upThey provided to prepare up a little food and throw a little partyAnd whisper things in your ear like"Don"t blame Mr. Charlie, Mr. Charlie is just a manAnd he"s doing the best he can"I heard "em say, "Don"t blame Mr. Charlie, Mr. Charlie is just a manAnd he"s doing the finest he can"That"s why I still love you choose I carry out Though you still perform me prefer you perform I know that you recognize it"s trueAfter all I"ve been throughI should be through through loveBut there"s a God up aboveThat keeps sayin", "Betty tryDon"t offer up, you understand whyThe sunlight is gonna shine"Causage you are mine, all mine"You just save doin" your bestAnd I will perform the rest"Cause I love you, love you, Betty, favor I doThat"s why I still love you favor I execute Though you still execute me favor you carry out My love is deeper than any type of oceanAnd my love is better than any type of mountainIt"s, oh, it"s full of emotionMy love is full of devotionMy love is in and also out of seasonAnd I love you with or without a reasonYou check out God is gonna bless me for lovin" youFor all the times that you treated me wrong and also I kept bein" trueYou check out, God"s eyes they"re not closedHe"s not asleepShelp He"s watchin" eextremely relocate you makeEextremely trick you keepBoy, you much better be carefulHoo... Hoo... Hoo... Hoo...Shelp if you treat me negative or make my sadMy Father in heaven is watching youBut I still love you favor I perform And no-n-n-no-n-n-no-n-n-nobody"s ever before gonna love you prefer I execute No one"s ever gonna love you like I doNo one"s ever before gonna love you prefer I doNo one"s ever gonna love you like I doI do not understand why I do, yet I do, yes, I perform Oh... There"s a womale in me that keeps on lovin" you I do not recognize whyOh, I do not know why (I do not recognize why, baby) I don"t know why (I don"t recognize why, baby), but I carry out (I do)Shelp I execute (I execute, I execute, I do)Shelp I... (Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa) ... Do, I do not understand why, baby But I love you so...Yes, I do Baby, do not you understand it"s true, yes, I doBaby , no strain Still love you after the pain