Tbelow is no support or opening act and the concert will start at 8:00PM. Doors open at 6:30PM.

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Guests are urged to arrive beforehand and be in their seats for the start of the show. Guests need to travel light, as all guests and also bags entering the Arena are topic to search

ATTENTION PATRONS WHO HAVE PAPERLESS/CREDIT CARD ENTRY TICKETSUpon entry to carolannpeacock.com, fans MUST current the Crmodify Card offered to purchase tickets via matching photo ID.Entire party MUST enter the venue at the very same time.Crmodify Card entry tickets for this occasion are NON TRANSFERABLE.Click below for more indevelopment regarding Credit Card Enattempt.


Onwebsite Arena Parking:

Arena Valetis accessible at the night of occasion, based upon availcapacity.Click below to reserve your valet parking.Arena Garage Parking:Limited public parking is additionally easily accessible in the Arena's P2 Garage on an initial come, initially served basis, and also based on availcapacity.

Further parking is available within a short walking distance.Click here to check out the map.Taxi & Limo Pick-Up:Recommfinished pick-up after the display ends is located in front of the Arena on Biscayne Blvd in between sixth and also 8th Streets. Tright here is also additional Taxi zone situated at Bayside Market Place (throughout Port Blvd).


Ticket holders are invited to arrive beforehand and enjoy DJ music and also Cash Bar Service on the XFINITY East Plaza starting at 6:00 PM. Please enter via Gate 5 to enter the XFINITY East Plaza.

Click right here for standard residence prohibited items.


- Bags need to be smaller sized than 14”x14”x6”. All bags are topic to search.- Camages via lenses 4” are prohibited. No expert audio or video recording tools.- NO Go Pro’s, Selfie Sticks, Drones or Tablets of any type of kind- NO weapons of any kind of kind

- NO contraband also, banners, laser pointers / glow sticks/flashlights

- NO inflatables i.e. beach round & balloons


Enjoy a range of fan favorites on the Key Concourse

Stands: Prime Grill 105, 117, 308, 324,Chicken Ciao 108, 309, Downtown Dog 112, Outtakes 116, Papa John’s 113 & 416

Bars: SE Vom Bar, 102, 104, Grey Goose 107, 109, 111,113, 114, Bacardi Bar 118, 121, 123, Bodega 124, Family Fare 315, , 304, 309, 319, 324 & 416

Beer Portable: 108, 109, Barefoot Wine 112, 114, Moet 117, 123, 124, 326

Carts: Popcorn 101, Fit 105, Frozen Yogurt 112, Donuts 108, Kosher 120, Nuts 112, 304, 416, Tequesitos 120, 307, Haagen Dazs 108, 120, 309, Gyros 120, 325, Papa John’s 310 & 323

Vending: Rocket Man

HYDE Lounge

HYDE Lounge supplies a unique and trendy dining endure, starting at 6:00 pm till the artist takes the phase.Indulge in a distinctive dining experience within Hyde carolannpeacock.com. Taking cues from neighborhood Miami flavor, unified via Katsuya-inspired Japanese flair, Hyde’s pre-show concert menu is a gourmet method to uprange bar food. Try pairing our brand-new Wagyu Beef Sliders with an order of Truffle Fries, or sample our HEAT Roll – among Hyde’s many well known sushi dishes. Try any type of among our brand-new items alongside a Hyde signature cocktail and you have yourself a slam dunk of high-end.

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Dinner reservations are incredibly restricted, so make your reservation now! Contact HYDE at carolannpeacock.com for more information: or 786.231.1218.Access HYDE from the HYDE Hostess Stand at Section 114 on the Key Concourse, or from the South Flagship vomitory, located in between Section 118 and 119 on the floor.