FORT WAYNE, Ind. — A brand-new season that "The Voice" is now underway ~ above NBC. The hit present discovers talented singers from anywhere the country and Hoosiers have actually been well-represented in past seasons. That consists of Indiana"s own Addison Agen, who wowed the celebrity judges and also became runner-up on Season 13.

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But what wake up after "The Voice"? how do the newly uncovered singers navigate the music market to hit it big, on your own? 13News recorded up v Addison, three years later, come see exactly how she"s doing and how she star is rising, even amidst a worldwide pandemic.

She"s been launching a nationwide singing career from a kitchen in she Indiana home. For Addison, it"s working.

She"s spent the past three year writing, recording and fine-tuning her talent, ~ her an extremely high-profile start.

"It"s been remarkable for me to really be emerging my very own ideas and also watching them come to life," Addison said. "That"s been the coolest point throughout these past years, just figuring the end this niche that I desire to be in, friend know?"

Addison an initial captured America"s attention at age 16 in 2017, transforming chairs and also earning fans v Team Adam ~ above "The Voice."

"When ns perform, castle still placed up choose "someone native The Voice" or people are excited prefer "oh mine gosh, ns watched friend on The Voice!" also from 3 years ago. For this reason it yes, really doesn"t feel that lengthy ago. Obviously at the same time I"m choose "oh my gosh, that little girl that was top top tv oh my gosh what to be she thinking? to be she OK?"" Addison said. "Such a cool experience and also I learned so much and I feel prefer I flourished up. It sort of jolted me to favor say "hey you can actually execute this. This is a genuine career.""

"You just acquire off the this huge an equipment that"s doing everything for you. It"s great. They"re elevating you up. It"s amazing and also super fun. Climate you obtain off and also you"re like "OK, now I have to figure out how to acquire that machine for myself and work that up and make sure I"m tho passionate about it in ~ the exact same time,"" Addison explained. "I really want to number out how this happens — gift a musician, all of the corners that this job, I wanted to manual learn around them."


Since the show, Addison graduated high school. She"s currently in college studying graphic design, and also she"s additionally crafting her career as a singer-songwriter.

In fort Wayne, Addison developed a band, raised an ext than $30,000 v Kickstarter to record an album, and also she performed with some really huge names in the Midwest.

She opened up a concert for the Bacon Brothers and also opened 4 shows for Bob Seger and the silver- Bullet band in Detroit critical year.

"They really chosen my original stuff and also they readily available for me to open up in Bob Seger"s hometown, which was so crazy. For this reason 15,000 people, outside, huge theater and also me and my tape were simply playing some individual songs! and also it was a blast and something I never ever thought would certainly happen," Addison said.

The trajectory for this Hoosier to be headed skyward, however then as she was set to walk on tour and also record her album, the COVID dilemm hit.

"Oh mine gosh yeah," Addison said of the pandemic"s influence on launching she career. "It absolutely put a halt top top the recording. Us did lots of monthly Zoom shows and we had a whole east coast tour that had to acquire canceled. Ns was therefore excited come have civilization see me and also connect with my song in person but they did end up acquiring canceled, which was such a bummer. Yet it is, was, absolutely the smartest and also safest thing to do."

Addison adapted, preserved performing online and also this spring, she"s releasing her album and also a music video, which to be filmed in the kitchen of she family"s home.


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