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4 September 2015
3.24 / 5.00.5 indigenous 29 ratings


4.00 stars 1 food for the negative
3.00 stars 2 avoid Play Rewind
3.50 stars 3 Brb
produced by mainly Khrysis and 9th Wonder, one would think "Prey because that the Poor" native Add-2 would certainly be a slept ~ above gem native the year 2015. Regrettably it's not. It's unique and creative, however I feel like falls brief of what he is trying to accomplish. It's a principle album of sorts v a the majority of thought provoking lyrics and the win are various from what girlfriend would suppose from 9th and also Khrysis, it just doesn't do lot for me.Rating: 3.5Favorite Tracks:Prey because that the PoorKool AidThe N*ggaludeWe Gon do It
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