Sequence 6

Memory 1 - A Case of Identity

100% Sync Requirements - Do not kill any type of policemen

If you would certainly choose to use a video clip, right here is one for this memory:

This is an additional short mission. So all you should do, is obtain right into the area, use Eagle Vision to find your tarobtain, and get him out. I can not provide a lot advice for this, besides making sure to kidnap him once he"s not in sight of a policeman, as you must protect against killing them for full sync. Once you gain him out of the location, you will get Do not kill any policemen - Complete, and also finish the memory.

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Memory 2 - A Spot of Tea

100% Sync Requirements - None

If you would like to use a video clip, right here is one for this memory:

Make your method to the marker, and take out the enemies if you want, or attempt to sneak to the cart. Once you have actually, search it, and also 2 more markers will show up. Search both of these, and then when you find the appropriate one, hide on the roof adjacent. After this, all you must do is tail the cart, and after it reaches its location, you will complete the Memory.

Memory 3 - A Bad Penny

100% Sync Requirements - Find the trick passage

If you would like to use a video clip, here is one for this memory:

Now for this mission, you can approach is just how you desire. However, you should take the Secret Passage, which will certainly lead you best to your target. The best means to display the area, is wbelow it is situated on the map.


After adhering to the Secret Passage you will acquire Find the trick passage, and you will be best by your tarobtain. You can either go straight for him, or use the Unique Kill chance in the area, it is approximately you. After killing your tarobtain, the just point left to do is to escape the structure, and also leave the area. Sorry I couldn"t explain this even more, but these missions have the right to be played in any way, and also it is difficult to describe these areas perfectly, to find a good course for you to take.

Memory 4 - One Good Deed

100% Sync Requirements - Do not let the tarobtain leave the factory

If you would certainly choose to use a video, below is one for this memory:

This mission will begin with you needing to Defend Edward"s carriage. There will be fairly a few opponents trying to take it out, so either ram them, or shoot their carrieras. After a while, you will certainly need to jump in his carriage, and drive it yourself. You currently must drive to the Omnibus Factory. Once you arrive, you will certainly have actually a tarobtain inside. You CAN NOT let him escape. So begin on the roof, and also kill each opponent as you go dvery own, till you reach him. Kill him, and also you will acquire Do not let the target leave the factory.

After this is done, obtain out of the area, and you will have to go to a marker to return the deed to finish the memory.

Memory 5 - A Thorne in the Side

100% Sync Requirements - Kill fewer than 5 Royal Guards

If you would choose to use a video, here is one for this memory:

Now when aacquire, this is a mission wbelow you deserve to decide what you desire to execute yourself. I will certainly say, DO NOT kill any Royal Guards if possible. You have the right to kill 4 at many, even more than that, you fail the optional objectives.

You will start by having to reach a Vantage Point. My advice would certainly be to obtain to the Chief Yeoguy, and also steal his crucial, as this will certainly give you accessibility to any locked door. I would actually advise going for all 3 avenues, as the Constable will make the security level lower, making it so you deserve to run around more of the castle with much less of it being minimal. The Allied guard have the right to aid you acquire inside somewhat unnoticed, so doing all 3 have the right to advantage you significantly. Just remember to use Eagle Vision to tell the distinction in between Royal Guards, and adversaries.

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If you enter with the Allied Guard, just stop opponents the best you can, as you make your way up the tower. Walk progressively to make it easier, so they don"t detect you as easy. If you make it to the peak with him, when motivated, assassinate Lucy Thorne. All tright here is to execute now, is escape the area, so carry out so how you wish. Escaping the location will get Kill fewer than 5 Royal Guards - Complete, and also complete the memory.