If her picked increase the season pass forAssassin’s Creed Odyssey, you get access to bonus mission dubbed The tricks of Greece. This mission take away place more into the main story (around the level 18 mark), and rewards you through coin, XP, and also gear for completing. To obtain you v this bonus mission, I’ve placed together this The secrets of greek guide. Let’s begin.

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After you complete the story mission, The large Break, you will unlock The keys of greek mission.

Before acquiring to the meat that this guide, let’s answer the an initial question on her mind. As soon as does The secrets of greek Mission unlock? The keys of greek mission unlocks ~ you finish the main story mission The large Break. As soon as you’ve perfect this mission The tricks of greece mission will end up being available. The keys of greek mission has actually a encourage level of 18, so friend will should progress a ways right into the game. Here’s the official summary of The secrets of Greece:

Demokritos, the “laughing philosopher,” fumbled his means into finding out the whereabouts of 3 theorems. Combined, they’d unlock some an excellent mystery, but first they’d should be retrieved.”

Objective 1: speak to Demokritos

Head come Patria in Achaia to start this mission.
You will uncover Demokritos in the shipyard.

Once girlfriend feel favor you are well levelled, you might want to begin The secrets of greek mission. To execute this, make your method to Patrai in Achaia. In the city you want to talk to a guy named Demokritos. Girlfriend will uncover Demokritos by the Shipyard in next to a half finished ship. Speak v him to start your mission.

When you talk with Demokritos, he will certainly talk v you about three magnificent mathematical explorations (theorems). By collecting all 3 theorems, Demokritos will have the ability to unlock the keys of the universe and reward you handsomely for you efforts. The 3 theorems he wants are:

Zeno’s Paradox.Golden Ratio.Pythagorean Theorem.

Let’s gain all 3 theorems.

Objective 2: Locate and also Collect the theorems

Now the we understand what Demokritos wants, it’s time to conference the 3 theorems for him. Ns will show you the areas of every theorem below.

Zeno’s Paradox

Head come this ar in Lokris to uncover the shrine.
Inside this shrine top top the hill is the Zeno’s Paradox.

The an initial theorem we will certainly grab is the Zeno’s Paradox. This theorem can be uncovered near the shore of Lokris. Lokris is straight east the Phokis. Head to that area now and make your method to the phibìc coastline and the town of Alponos (see map). In Alponos make your means to the shrine ~ above the hill come the west of town. Within the shrine is the Zeno’s Paradox.

Golden Ratio

You will discover the workshop and also the gold ratio here.
Go inside the workshop to discover the gold Ratio top top a bench.

To acquire the golden Ratio, do your way to the city the Argos in Argolis. When at Argos, make your way to Polykleitos’s Workshop. On a bench inside you will find the golden Ratio.

Pythagorean Theorem

Head come this location and dive.
You will must dive in this area come loot package with the theorem in it.

The final theorem we room going come grab is the Pythagorean Theorem. This organize is little bit trickier 보다 the last two and also requires taking you ship the end on the seas. Once you have your ship, head come the archipelago of Thera, Paros and also Anaphi. Come the phibìc of these 3 islands you will discover the underwater royal residence of Amphitrite. In the facility of this dive website you will find the Pythagorean theorem in a lootable box. WATCH out FOR SHARKS throughout THIS DIVE.

Objective 3: return to Demokritos


When you have all 3 theorems, go back to Demokritos.

Now that we have actually all three theorems, that is time to return to Demokritos. As soon as you speak to Demokritos the will offer you a little of info on every theorem. Demokritos will certainly then call you around his last theorem which has to do with the universe. This theorem has to do through impressing a girl. This will trigger the an additional Kind of poetry mission. For completing The secret of greece you receive:

XP.315 Drachmae.

The real rewards are obtained by completing the much higher levelled one more Kind of city Mission.

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What did friend think of mine The secrets of greece guide? allow me recognize in The Pit below.

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