Born ~ above June 13, 1990 in Buckinghamshire, England Aaron Taylor Johnson is a famous English actor. His acting career started at very early age that 6 as a boy artist. Aaron become hugely popular among youth for his role as David Dave Lizewski aka kick Ass in the hit films “Kick Ass” and its sequel “Kick Ass 2”


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For “Kick Ass 2” Aaron had to undergo a high intensity weight training and also brutal workout and diet schedule to construct a leaner yet muscular physique. So, let’s have actually a look in ~ the absent ass workout regimen of this “Kick Ass” actor, Aaron Taylor-Johnson:

Physical Stats:

Aaron Johnson Height: 5’ 11”

Aaron Johnson Weight: 176 lbs

Aaron Taylor-Johnson Diet Plan

Aaron follows a balanced diet to preserve his physique. He adheres to 6 meals every day program and also love to include bigger breakfasts and also protein shakes in his diets.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson practice Routine

For his muscular look at in the movie “Kick Ass 2” Aaron complied with a strictly workout routine which consists of training double a day. He complied with a mix the kettle bell circuits, German volume training, pre-breakfast runs and also excessive abs workout.

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Below is Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Workout program of a week:


Monday and Thursday: strength Training

2 to adjust of g swings of 20 reps with each side

2 sets of walking knee to chest tuck that 20 reps through each side

2 to adjust of bodyweight reverse lunges that 10 reps through each side

2 collection of bodyweight squats that 15 reps

6 set of rack traction of 4-6 reps

6 sets of barbell push press of 3-6 reps

6 to adjust of zercher squats the 4-6 reps

6 set of chin ups that 4-6 reps

Tuesday: Conditioning

3 set of cave clean of 10-12 reps

3 to adjust of burpee that 15 reps

3 set of sprawl to traction up the 20 reps

3 to adjust of renegade rows that 10 reps v each side

3 to adjust of medicine ball slam the 20 reps

3 set of Russian twists of 10 reps through each side

3 to adjust of hammer and also tyre smash of 20 reps

3 sets of battle ropes for one minute every time

Wednesday: Cardio

Either one of these cardio exercises for 20 minutes-Cycling, Skiing, Running, sprints or burpees

Friday: human body weight and conditioning

3 set of traction ups that 6-8 reps

3 sets of dragon flags that 5-6 reps

3 to adjust of broad grip push ups that 20 reps

3 sets of hanging foot raises for 1 minute every time

3 sets of turning back rows of 12-15 reps

3 set of mountain climber because that 1 minute every time

3 set of dips that 12 reps

3 sets of alligator to walk of 8 reps from each side

Saturday and Sunday


Aaron Taylor-Johnson exercise Tips

Always have actually some snacks prior to high intensity training. That will provide you energy and prevent muscle catabolism.Create an efficient meal arrangement according to her body; eating appropriate is the an essential to have actually a healthy body.