contend, strive, buck, challenge, contest, counter, match, oppose, pit, play, push, rival, struggle, sweat

Idiom script 1

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Two colleagues room talking ...

Colleague 1: are you not worried about the risk young Deanna poses in competing for the upcoming promotion?

Colleague 2: She is really good and has learned a lot and will give me a genuine run because that my money but, no, she is just not rather at the very same level yet.

Colleague 1: So, you feel confident afford the promotion?

Colleague 2: Yes, Deanna will offer some stiff competition, i m sorry will aid keep me sharp, yet I am confident I will win.

Idiom scenario 2

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Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1: exactly how is your kid doing? He need to be practically four year old now.

Friend 2: he is doing an excellent thanks. Although, the is in the phase currently where he concerns everything. He should ask "why" at least fifty times a day and also sometimes more.

Friend 1: That need to be daunting to handle.

Friend 2: His questioning definitely gives my patience a operation for its money.

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to provide someone a operation for their money- In the News

to give someone a operation for their money- Usage:


Usage Frequency Index: 192

to offer someone a operation for their money- Gerund Form:

Giving his an elderly colleague a run for her money, he managed to secure the promotion.

to give someone a run for their money- Examples:

1) The woman might go up against some the the greats and give lock a run for their money. Her powerful chords to be flawless and hit every note spot on.

2) ... From about the people - no necessarily vanquish the competition but surely give that a operation for that is money.

3) Canadian world cross-country teams and is an ex-Olympian. Emmanuel Boisvert constantly gives me a operation for mine money, and finished not much behind me.

4) ... Close to that twelve year magnificent record. WOW! your Irene certain gave the a operation for its money - and gave you both so plenty of extra year together.

5) together a contender to Google Maps Nokia Here absolutely gives lock a operation for your money. utilizing the two-fold arrangement of earthmine's dare to gather data ...

6) ... Go there to win, however with the understanding that they will give us a run for our money. We have actually our very own strengths, too, and I'm ...

7) ... However smaller parties and stand-alone individuals (independents) room planning come give them a operation for their money. here are few of the democratic organisations jostling for seats through ...

8) ... To occupational with, because you're tougher 보다 they are. Give lock a operation for your money.

9) We freshly stayed at the Premier Inn and also boy have the right to they give friend a operation for your money as soon as it concerns breakfasts! your breakfasts are superb and always ...

10) ... Lesson there is the if we were standing everywhere, we would certainly give lock a operation for your money. And also the an outcome would be that they would be compelled to ...

11) Vettel looked dominant throughout, however the McLaren gave the a operation for his money together the motorists completed number of laps top top the tool tyres to obtain ...

12) The younger generations can give castle a run for your money, however the boomers room the classic "me" generation.

13) ... That once I acquire the other coders energized that they start to give me a operation for mine money and encourage me come redouble my own efforts.

14) They speak the adversary is the greatest liar, Mitt Romney is giving the a operation for his money.

15) Rosie is still the leader, despite Ada is giving she a operation for her money. She is additionally the many clucky so far.

16) ... Will finish undefeated yet I likewise think the next couple of opponents will certainly give united state a run for the money.

17) In fact, any time an underdog began giving castle a run for their money, ns would discover myself going for the other side.

18) True innovation comes from competition and without the likes the Samsung giving lock a run of your money, lock won't job-related 1/2 as hard to come up with ...

19) ... Looking front to riding against these young guns. I'll give lock a operation for your money and hopefully record them out v a few old tip .

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20) We're nipping in ~ the heels of worn down local websites, giving castle a operation for their money.