"A person who thinks every the time has actually nothing to think around except thoughts. So he loser touch through reality, and lives in a people of illusion." - Alan watt

This is a great quote, and also a great reminder of why introverts have to use their extroverted function. We have to have stuff we've scanned to turn over in ours head, or rather we simply think around thinking or reflect ~ above the same old storage over and also over. Together an INFP, this is especially relevant (Fi-Si loop). Wonder if there's a Ti-Si loop for INTPs

I don't know the details that myers briggs, so i can't say exactly how a Ti-Si loop would work..

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But what I have the right to say is that once my brain starts thinking about ideas or future plans, there's no stopping it. It's favor a substantial flywheel with immense inertia. Friend can't stop it by just ignoring one thought, a new one just pops up.

I've tried part meditation, and when I do it, it functions great. Friend can practically feel your head gradually wind down. Thoughts store popping up, yet if you store at it they come more apart and don't tight your brain as strongly as soon as they come. It can be nice.

But an inspiration can be hard.

Thinking keeps me awake all night. This main in certain has been poor for that. My mind refuses come sleep due to the fact that it doesnt desire to prevent or miss anything. Periodically I'm not sure if I'm awake or dreaming. This quote is applicable come me lately. Ive never had this before.

Nice quote.

There's a lot an ext to life than simply thinking. As with there is a lot much more to life than simply working out.

Thinking is a great tool, but at some stage you should actually gain out and also live life.

Well, thanks for kicking me right in the ass. Every I carry out is think. Never act, just ponder philosophy, person behavior, astronomy, particle physics, psychology, etc. My thoughts have come to be comforting and also I'd fairly sit at home thinking than going out and socialize. I believed that to be okay, it's just just how I am, till this.

Where is the line in between pondering behaviors and life questions and also over evaluating everything? at this point my thoughts regulate me also much. I have the right to have one tiny thought and my day is destroyed or I have actually a scare attack. Favor wtf? I have to live in one illusion.... Currently I'm going to ponder this and also most most likely not carry out shit about it since I have no idea what to do.

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"A human being who think all the time". It's around thinking, not about doing things / functioning on things. I'm reasoning too much at the moment (about a girl) and also it's fucking awful. Fuck mine life.


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