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I"m not a regular personDone with the perkysI don’t even feel like it"s workingI was playing the bench, I was lurkingOn the block where they plotting on murkingYou don’t even know I was hurtingI was fucked up, a bitch had me hurtingAnd I think she did it on purposeI can"t fuck with the hate, I"m allergicI feel like they had me on standbySee the pain in my damn eyesI got out of jail and my mans diedI never sleep, I"m a vampireI"m not a regular personI can"t be giving out versesI"m making the industry nervousI’m still working through all the disturbanceI"m done with these BalenciagasThey keep on fucking my socks upNothing but foreigns behind usWe used to pull up in the HondaNow every time that we pop upWe got to pull up in designerWe doing it just to remind usTo never go back to the bottomThey started off hating on meEverybody debating on meA nigga wrote a statement on meMy life, they want to take it from meSo I got a .380 on meIt ain’t never on safety, I beHaving all of this paper on meI just hope you praying for meI can tell you what happenedThe streets turned me into a savageI started off juggin’ and trappingWatch a couple a niggas get blastedWay too much blood for a napkinWon’t nobody tell you what happenedI’m good when you see me in trafficAutomatic in the Benz 4maticIn the S550 I’m speedingNigga you wouldn’t believe itI came up from nothing I mean itNow I’m living everything I was dreamingI’m killing, I feel like I’m cheatingThey kept on giving me reasonsCan’t nobody get in between usOnly us, I put that on everythingFuck it up, fuck it up nowMy nigga it’s just us nowEvery Rollie getting bust downYoung niggas repping uptownI was down but I"m up nowFuck around with them fuck "roundsAin’t no pounds or “what’s ups” nowPretty bitches hit me up nowI got on Saint Laurent, come here babyI just wanted some company babyI don’t want you to feel like I’m playingCan I fuck you without you complaining?Got no time for a lunch with you babyI get bread, what the fuck is you saying?I get fly on any different occasionI be in and out of different locationsI can"t stop, I put on for thisSwear to God I put on for thisHad to move out my mama"s cribHad to put in overtime for thisI can brag cause I’m confidentI’m the man, ain’t no stopping itI don’t got to wait for a shopping listI want to body a fit then I"m copping itI fuck it up, fuck it up nowEvery Rollie getting bust downYoung niggas repping uptownI was down but I"m up nowAin’t no pounds or “what’s ups” nowMy nigga it"s just us nowI"m not a regular person, I"m not a regular personI"m not a regular person, I"m not a regular personI"m not a regular person