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A 27-kg chandelier hangs from a ceiling on a vertical 4.0-m-lengthy wire. What horizontal force would certainly be crucial to displace its place 0.15m to one side?

Homework-related Equations

F*x = m*g*h

The Attempt at a Solution

I tried to uncover the elevation the chandelier elevates. With the pythogorean theorem, 4 becomes hypothenus, and also 0.15 becomes cathetus.x^2 + 0.15^2 = 4^2x = 3.99718651h = 4 - 3.99718651h = 0.00281349Fx = mghF*0.15 = 27*9.8*0.00281349F = 4.96299636When you multiply my result through 2, you gain 9.92599272, which is the correct answer according to the book.(9.9N)

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The horizontal pressure that you seek grows through the deviation of the lamp from the vertical. It"s as if you pushed a weight up a curved, concave slope... The push you require at different points is various...
mgh yields a readjust in gravitational potential power, not a pressure.If you draw out the scenario you have to be able check out equivalent triangles that you deserve to usage to relate the forces through the geometry:

mgh yields a adjust in gravitational potential energy, not a pressure.If you attract out the scenario you must be able view equivalent triangles that you can use to relate the pressures via the geometry:
Yes I obtained the correct answer currently, 4/(0.15) = mg/Fmg = 27*9.8 = 264.6F = 9.9225I thought of mgh bereason I believed the work-related we"ve done (Fx) need to be equal to the adjust in energy. But what confoffers me here is the reality that as soon as you multiply my wrong answer with 2, it offers the specific answer. I guess, choose NTW"s sassist, the force is not continuous, is it?
That"s actually not best. Neither mg nor F are on the hypotenuse of the pressure triangle, yet you"ve supplied 4 (the hypotenusage of the geomeattempt triangle) in the similarity ratio. Your answer may be exceptionally close to right because of the tiny displacement (0.15 m) compared to the wire length, so y in my diagram is nearly equal to 4. But it"s not exactly 4. If the displacement were larger the error would be bigger.
I believed of mgh bereason I believed the job-related we"ve done (Fx) must be equal to the adjust in energy. But what confuses me below is the truth that as soon as you multiply my wrong answer with 2, it offers the precise answer. I guess, prefer NTW"s said, the force is not constant, is it?

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Right. The pressure is not continuous. In truth it grows without bound as the displacement ideologies the wire length. That is to say, there"s no finite force, used strictly horizontally, that can organize the chandelier out horizontally.