9-1-1 Seachild 2 Episode 5, “Terrible People,” reminds us all that human being can be great, awful, or almost everywhere in in between.

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However before, the actual emphasis of the episode is Maddie and also why we treatment. It’s been shelp in previous reviews that Abby left a vast hole in the cast when she left.

It’s been coming for a while, but 9-1-1 appears to have actually lastly favored to provide us reasons to treatment around Maddie. She has heart and also she have the right to MacGyver the crap out of anything, which makes her shine in a people filled with many stars.


In all honesty, Hewitt is a better move for the display than maintaining Britton would certainly have been. Bringing in Hewitt adds a vivaciousness that the show was lacking in Seaboy 1. In a way, she does a much better task of bridging the gaps between all the subteams.

It’s not simply that she is Buck’s sister. Maddie likewise brings everyone together with her desire to perform the finest project she deserve to as a dispatcher.

This contains, yet is not restricted to, going on a ride in addition to the police. It allows her to watch the emergencies in action and discover a newfound appreciation for the work-related that she does.

This additionally brings together everyone approximately her because they unite to help her or increate her of the ins and outs of conserving stays. It’s an equally valuable, symbiotic relationship.


Athena: Our stays are shaped, not simply by our experiences however by our relationships.

This togetherness amongst the police, fire department, and 9-1-1 dispatch is a major step up from last seaboy. Now that everyone is functioning hand in hand also, the stories circulation more smoothly. The display is no longer choppy and disjointed.

Expanding on the contact facility is the ideal move 9-1-1 could’ve ever before made because it allows for opportunities to aclimb wbelow these groups deserve to job-related together and also conserve a few lives.

We get to see the goodness of the world functioning together to create a more powerful, safer tomorrow. It makes audiences care more about what is going on in the background, beyond the emergencies.

More importantly, Maddie’s passion wouldn’t be as strongly well-known in “Horrible People” if not for her toe to toe battles via Christine Estabrook’s Gloria. By putting these 2 vastly various personalities side by side 9-1-1 highlights the part of Maddie we are intended to care about, her heart.


Unfortunately, Gloria is a personification of what have the right to actually happen to people that acquire melted out on a task that they when loved. Lives deserve to be put in harm’s means, quite literally, if a perboy becomes complacent at their task.

Gloria is a cautionary tale. She’s a word to the wise around reigniting your passion from time to time in order to protect against what happens to her.

While heart and also passion are great to have, sometimes you should let what other’s execute and also say simply roll off you.

Athena: If I let them acquire to me I wouldn’t make it past breakfast.

Tright here is a time to be influenced and a time to just roll with the punches. Finding that balance is vital.

As long as Maddie continues to lean on Athena and the firefighter gang, she will come to be a more powerful female role model. She can’t go wrong through leaning on the ones she trusts and cares around to get her via the day.


By bringing Hen’s indiscretion from last seakid ago right into the mix, they are showing us that they are totally capable of doing just that.

The stereotypical, overused cheating storyline of last seakid wasn’t 9-1-1‘s finest hour. However, by having the problem resurconfront in the develop of a custodial parent fight the authors remind us there are many type of layers to Hen’s story and that it is much from over.

Faith in the authors is somepoint that we didn’t have as well much of last seakid, however 5 episodes in and also that confidence is more than just recovered. It is redeveloped.

By making the overused trope into an LGBT household problem, the display provides us reason to care a little bit more. It’s currently something that doesn’t get authentically explored extremely regularly.


Perturbed is placing it lightly bereason this fight for custody could have spanned even more than just one episode. Instead, the writers select to create this dispute via the emergence of Nathaniel.

Only, to have actually him offer the regulate totally earlier over to Hen and Karen. Tbelow have to be a bit more fight. More conflict.

9-1-1 could’ve had Hen and Karen’s connection tested when even more by this court battle. Neither woman desires to shed Theo however, tbelow is clearly still some unrefixed distrust in regards to Karen.

What a perfect mix for some great old-fashioned family members discord. But, maybe that dispute resolution at the end was simply a red herring and also more strife is on the horizon.

The only point one deserve to hope is that 9-1-1 will continue to tweak their techniques till they find the perfect balance. With each new episode, they are gaining closer, but not rather tbelow.

Additional Thoughts:

“Actual diarrhea of the mouth. Outstanding!” Chim delivers the funniest deadpanned moment of the episode.So nice to check out the rerotate of last season’s “porch piprice.” Clearly on, she didn’t learn her leschild well sufficient the last time and also essential a bit more Karma to round out her life.Despite my criticisms it is nice to watch Hen in dispute over her household and also Eva. Especially when she battled via her conscientific research over calling 9-1-1 once Eva OD’d.

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