Was delighted to uncover a fairly large Crack-a-book in the city I setup alongside in A19. This one was a new library-like POI that"s pretty big and has actually the brand-new expendable publication piles to loot. I looted it day 5 and also came far with....

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2 ability books

500 paper


wth??? Is the A19 prey nerf hitting this as well? had it to be a Shotgun Messiah would certainly I have come away v a level 2 Blunderbus or a wood Bow?


Seriously. NO fun ALLOWED. This needs fixed.


Unfortunately, publication shelves have been nerfed. The comment in the loot.xml is "temp resolve for excessive use the lootable bookshelves instead of arbitrarily placers".

That comment is for the record that fall in the bookshelfs. I don"t know if the books themselfs have readjusted with the recent patches, but with B163 i obtained a book in almost every second bookshelf. Also afaik the droprate of publications is quiet not impacted by the stone-age mechanic. Friend can find every publication from work 1. Castle are fully random.

RNG. We acquired a boatload of books out of that last night, and 3 boatloads that paper.


Speaking the which, if you desire stupid quantities of paper, clear the Crak-A-Book tower.

All those record rolls are currently actual record rolls. Waaaaayyy much more than in the papermill.




btw, I"ve had actually the only 1 publication ,or no books in the crackabook in the stripmall version.

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I tried and started several brand-new games. Ns did favor 10 cracked a publications with LL at 2. Always the same. Hardly any kind of books or recipes. It´s not just me, anyone from my MP has the very same in his SP also. Over there is something off.


Ehh, those file rolls to be so frustrating. Good to hear. One spot an ext in the backpack when looting other buildings