I now have actually all four power home windows installed and also wired. Each has two wires. I likewise have this great Riviera four bank window switch I desire to usage (mounted in my facility console). Every switch has actually 5 prongs. Modern-day switches have actually only three. How do ns make this combo work?

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Thanks for responding. Okay, if I'm following, three of the 5 prongs room ground, the other two are power. For this reason I basically take the two wires native the motor and also run one cable to the 3 grounds (found v the meter) top top the switch and also the various other other cable to the staying 2 prongs?If the is correct, why would they have so countless grounds when they room all going come ground out together anyway?

I'm at work now, however I just dubbed my wife to count the contacts regarding be certain I had it correct. She says, it only has actually nine contacts complete for all 4 switches in the bank. I guess I have to re examine what I'm beginning with. Ns just acquired these schematics native a friend. I'll inspect it the end this weekend and also I'll report back.

thanks because that the tips and also help. I was off base through what i explained. Basically I have actually some old, (3 terminal per switch) switches that I'm make the efforts to connect to 2 wire electric motors doesn't work. I require reverse polarity type switches. The ideal I can number is two relays every switch might make this existing set-up work, yet damn that's a lot of relays. Ns really desire the old chrome switches and not the black color plastic ones. I uncovered 2 or 3 resources for old institution looking chrome that space reverse polarity, but they are $75 for a 4 gang!I have yet to decision what to do. Allow me know if friend have any type of ideas or move sources.

They're no Ford or GM. These are aftermarket strength windows, the fronts space Dolphin brand and also the rear room Electric-Life brand. Even if Ford switches would simply wire up, they tho wouldn't be the chrome old college switches i want. I've tried to continue to be true with duration correct stuff. Some black plastic strength switches won't cut it.The mam actuyally simply told me today, purchase the $75 switch and finish it already. All equipment go…
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