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4 signs God Is preparing You because that What You’ve been Praying because that by mark BallengerShare | Tweet | email


Mark 7:26-30

Here space 4 usual signs that typical God is preparing you because that what you have actually been praying for.

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1. If girlfriend Are acquiring a better Willingness to offer God and Love Him nevertheless If that Does or go Not give You What You have actually Been asking Him For, This Is a an excellent Sign he is Preparing girlfriend to receive It

Ironically, among the things that most commonly block God’s blessings from coming right into our lives is united state wanting them too much and also for bad reasons (James 4:3). Sometimes it’s just not God’s will to bless us through something the we space asking the for. Therefore I’m not saying friend are always wanting something too lot or for bad reasons if God is withholding this blessing native you.

But I also do believe that God will withhold miscellaneous he wants to offer you if her heart is not in a ar to rightly get this blessing in a method that would bring an ext glory to him. One means you have the right to know if you are truly seek this blessing for the glory the God or for your very own selfish satisfied is if you room truly willing to love God and serve him even if he says “no” come this prayer request of yours. An alert in mark 7:26-30 what Jesus teaches us:

Now the woman was a Gentile, a Syrophoenician by birth. And also she begged him to actors the demon the end of her daughter. And he claimed to her, ‘Let the youngsters be fed first, for it is not appropriate to take it the children’s bread and also throw it come the dogs.’ however she answer him, ‘Yes, Lord; yet also the dog under the table eat the children’s crumbs.’ and also he claimed to her, ‘For this declare you might go her way; the demon has left your daughter.’ and also she walk home and also found the child lying in bed and the demon gone.”

At very first glance this appears so the end of character because that Jesus. His statement seems kind of rude even. Yet is not this frequently how it’s viewed in our stays too as soon as our prayer request seems to be delayed? don’t we sometimes think Jesus is just being median when we don’t get what we asked because that at first?

When the mrs made her inquiry to Jesus, that basically claimed no. I believe Jesus go this to offer the mrs the opportunity to express the confidence that would be compelled for her to get the blessing she sought. Since Jesus presenter her through this opportunity, she was then able to express her confidence in the by responding through humility even though she basically obtained a no.

Notice what Jesus said after the mrs humbly continued to be faithful by calling the “Lord” also though that told she no, “For this statement friend may go her way; the demon has actually left your daughter.” If Jesus would not have said no to she at first, she would not have had actually the opportunity to express “this statement,” i beg your pardon is the statement that caused her blessing. It was since she claimed this statement the Jesus healed her daughter. For this reason in a way, his original no was actually provided to her so she can receive a yes. Without his an initial no she would not have been able to make her statement which was the gateway come the yes.

Likewise, God will frequently give you a no at an initial so you can respond in faith, since a response of belief is regularly what God is waiting for before he blesses you.

The condition of your heart is most clearly exposed once you don’t obtain what you want. It’s basic to it is in happy and also grateful when God does everything you want. However how will certainly you react if God states no? If you recognize you would certainly run native God and also be upset if he never ever answered this prayer request, that way your love is not ready to receive it. However if you room truly ready to serve God and love him completely even if the never offers you the thing you room asking the for, this is a good sign you space being ready to receive it.

2. If God Is offering You the Supernatural capacity to store Faithfully waiting for What You’ve to be Praying For, This Is a sign He’s preparing You to receive It

As i talked about in the write-up titled 3 indications God Is informing You to keep Waiting for the Blessing girlfriend Desire, there is a difference between “just waiting roughly for God come bless you” and “faithfully wait for God come bless you.” when you are simply waiting approximately to it is in blessed, girlfriend will want the prize there is no walking the biblical path outlined in bible to obtain that prize. Yet when you space faithfully waiting to be blessed, friend will additionally be wade in God’s ways laid the end in the Bible. Together James 1:22-25 explains:

But be doers the the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves. Because that if everyone is a hearer of the word and not a doer, the is choose a male who looks intently at his natural challenge in a mirror. Because that he looks at himself and goes away and at as soon as forgets what he to be like. However the one who looks right into the perfect law, the legislation of liberty, and perseveres, being no hearer who forgets yet a doer that acts, he will be blessed in his doing.”

So yes, it is for sure biblical come wait because that the mr to plot on your behalf. Everything an excellent comes native God, therefore we should wait because that him come bless us because only he has the power to grant us the desires of ours hearts. But we should not failure biblical waiting v something that would contradict faithfully doing what words of God tells us to do.

Therefore, God is regularly preparing friend to get what you have actually been asking for once you space faithfully waiting, meaning you room waiting to be blessed why also being a doer of the word fairly than simply a hearer only.

3. If God Is giving You the Biblical attributes to Rightly handle This Blessing, This Is regularly a sign the mr Is preparing You to obtain What You have actually Been asking For

The civilization wants oh my gosh blessings but the people does not want to follow the regulates that are forced to obtain those blessings. This is why the prosperity gospel is therefore dangerous. The cheapens what the holy bible truly says due to the fact that it only price quotes the guarantees of God without the requirements of God.

Yes, everything great comes by grace, however God’s grace always has an impact on the human heart (1 Corinthians 15:10). If who is no obeying God and being sanctified with the Spirit more and much more into the photo of Jesus Christ, they have actually not truly obtained God’s grace. Romans 8:28 is much too frequently quoted without Romans 8:29 together with it:

And we know that for those that love God all things occupational together because that good, for those that are dubbed according come his purpose. 29For those who he foreknew that also predestined to it is in conformed to the image of his Son, in order that he could be the firstborn amongst many brothers.”

We should not think we deserve to receive the blessings of God without the character of Christ developing in us, because Christ in us is the primary blessing God is offering.


4. If God Is providing You a burden to look for This Blessing, This Is regularly a authorize the mr Is preparing You to get It

A biblical burden to seek the will certainly of God is an extreme blessing. That comes with pain but it constantly ends through pleasure. When God wants something for you, that will often put an unstoppable burden on your heart to seek that blessing through a superordinary passion the comes no from you but from him.

Psalm 119:71-72 states, “It is good for me that ns was afflicted, that I can learn her statutes. The legislation of her mouth is far better to me than countless gold and silver pieces.” God enables affliction so the we can learn his truth, and also when we learn his truth we will start to see that the greatest blessing God desires to provide us is the blessing of discovering him.

Psalm 119:169-170 likewise says, “Let my cry come before you, O Lord; give me expertise according to her word! let my cry come prior to you, O Lord; give me understanding according to her word! Let my plea come before you; provide me follow to your word.” God will frequently put a burden on her heart because that this blessing for this reason you will certainly cry to the Lord with all your heart. And when you cry to the mr for a biblical blessing and seek him through all your heart, that is often when you will receive what you seek.