TVs have actually come a long means from the heavy, square, CRT screens they were years ago. As well as being slimmer, no much longer needing a copper cable connection, and having exceptionally better resolutions, they’ve likewise gotten smart. Screens are so advanced now the you can watch a 3D movie all from the comfort of your home. The just thing stopping you is the price sign on this awesome displays which, given that the modern technology is quiet new, is a large one. The doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t watch a 3D movie in ~ home. If you have a low finish VR headset in ~ home, it’s actually pretty basic to do. Here’s exactly how you have the right to watch a 3D movie through a VR headset.

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Here’s what you’ll need;

A 3D movie. You cannot revolve a 2D movie in a 3D one for this reason none of her existing 2D titles will work. Friend will must buy a 3D movie.A phone; iphone phone or Android, either one will work. We’re going come assume her phone fits nicely into the VR headset you have on hand.

The one extra point you might need, relying on the 3D movie girlfriend have, is an application to pat it for the VR headset. The reason you require a special app to play a 3D movie since when friend play any sort of video clip that’s supposed for a VR headset, it’s split into two windows choose this;


We speak you can need the application because the movie may not be separation into 2 windows. The one us tried this out v was currently split into two windows. In the event that her movie isn’t, right here are two free apps, one for iOS and Android each, to break-up the view.

For iOS users, Homido Player is the app of choice. It’s meant to go v their own VR headset but you deserve to use the application with any headset you have. To add your video clip to the app’s player, download it and also then attach your phone to her computer. Open up iTunes and select her device. Under your device’s content options, click Apps and scroll under in the pane top top the right. You’ll view a list of all installed apps and also a separate list of apps the you can include files to. Pick Homido Player here and also scroll down till you view the ‘Add File’ button. Click it, navigate to your paper and select it, and also then wait for it come be included to her device. You perform not should sync your phone to iTunes.


Once you’ve set the movie to play, just insert her phone into the headset and enjoy. Make sure you revolve the 360 degree option off and also switch come the ‘flat’ option. SBS must be preserved Off if you need the app to split your movie into two windows, and also ‘On’ if you don’t require to separation the movie. Here’s what that looks choose in the Homido player.


For Android users, there’s AAA VR Cinema. The app is terrific if her headset has no activity buttons of any kind of sort. That can break-up a video into two windows and also you can navigate the application with head gestures. Including a document to the easy; just copy the to your device.


If you’ve got a movie that’s currently split into two windows, simply play it utilizing VLC player.

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All that’s left, now that you’ve gained the movie and the application to beat it, is come insert it right into your headset and enjoy. Granted, this isn’t a family experience. It’s simply you sitting alone through the headset strapped to your head watching a movie yet it walk the trick because that individual needs well enough. You might experience difficulties with video clip format for this reason make certain the style your movie is in is compatible through the movie player i.e., the application you’re going to usage to pat it.