Form and function go with each other in a 1.5-qt ring stoneware casserole that’s prepared for kitchen or table.

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Form and role go with each other in our 1.5-qt ring stoneware casserole, a standard for that is understated style and kitchen-to-table versatility. Fluted at the straight sides and slightly flared in ~ the top, it’s ready for the microwave, oven, fridge, freezer, and dishwasher, too.

Durable stoneware for even heatingResists stains and also does not absorb food odors or flavorsDishwasher, freezer, microwave and also preheated-oven safe1-year restricted warranty

** Warning **

All stoneware have the right to break, yet you can aid prevent damage and personal injury by adhering to these guidelines.


When supplied near too much heat, stoneware have the right to break.

DO NOT use with:

When boil or cooled too rapidly, stoneware have the right to break.

While cooking, do NOT:After cooking, execute NOT:
Use in range unless pre-heatedTransfer straight from freezer to warm ovenAdd liquid to hot stonewareUse come microwave popcornMicrowave when emptyMicrowave a tiny amount the foodUse for foods items with browning wrappersUse to cook waterUse at temperatures end 500°F (260°C)Place warm glassware in sinkPlace warm glassware top top a steel stove gratePlace warm glassware ~ above a wet or cold surfaceHandle hot glassware v a wet or cold cloth


The safest location for warm stoneware to cool is ~ above a cooling rack, dry potholder or dry cloth.

If taken on or cleaned improperly, stoneware have the right to scratch or develop fine cracks, and can eventually break.

When handling, perform NOT:When cleaning, execute NOT:
Bump versus hard objectsAttempt to repair as soon as crackedSoak in water because that an extended period of timeUse abrasive cleanser or abrasive scouring padsClean with tough objects the can damage the surface, such as metal


If stoneware or glass lid breaks, USE care when choose up sharp pieces to prevent cuts.


For every lid types, follow Warnings over for Stoneware.If lid has a vent feature, be certain to open it heating food in the microwave.


Your stoneware is designed for baking, serving and storing food.

Can be provided in:

Stoneware Baking Dish

Meal Mug™

Serving Pieces

Plastic Cover

Glass Cover

Standard range (preheated)


Standard convection range (preheated)



If lid vented

If vented








Always preheat standard oven and standard convection oven prior to inserting stoneware for cooking.Always vent plastic covering on baking dishes and mugs as soon as microwaving.Handle warm stoneware and also glass lids through a dried potholder or cloth.Place stoneware on a placemat or hot pad to prevent scratching countertop and also table surfaces.For plastic covers, use care with tomato and also acidic sauces since they deserve to stain.

USE treatment when cooking foods that broaden (such together rice), together they can reason overfilling and also clog vapor release functionMAKE certain the top fill line of the food in the stoneware is below the inside pot Max computer Fill line.DO NOT usage either the glass or plastic lid when food preparation in the pot.DO no stack stoneware key on top of each other in the pot.DO NOT usage the Sauté function.DO NOT usage the waiting Fryer function.


Cleaning carefully will assist keep your stoneware in good condition.

Can be cleaned:


Meal Mug™

Serving Pieces

Plastic Lids

Glass Lids


✓(Lid height rack)

Top rack

Hand washing

Cleaning pads

Plastic or nylon only

Plastic or nylon only

Plastic or nylon only


Plastic or nylon only


Non-abrasive only

Non-abrasive only

Non-abrasive only

Dish soap only

Non-abrasive only


Before first use, to wash stoneware and lids thoroughly.Allow items to cool prior to placing in sink or water.When utilizing a dishwasher, load items to stop bumping against other items.


Please execute not return this item to the store.

We will work with you directly to resolve any problems, within the boundaries of the warranty for this product. Corelle Brands gmbh is committed to quality products and superior customer service.

For more information, contact Corelle brand Consumer treatment . is a registered trademark of Corning Incorporated, Corning, new York 14831, provided under license by Corelle brands LLC.

Limited One Year Warranty Stoneware

IN situation OF PROBLEMS

Please perform not return this item come the store.

We will work-related with you straight to resolve any kind of problems, within the borders of the warranty for this product. Corelle Brands llc is committed to high quality products and also superior client service.

For much more information, call Corelle brands Consumer care ( .

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